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by Baraka G. Muganda, World Youth Director

We see it in all our activities and in the lines of the youth we minister to –feelings or emotions. Our young people today live in a culture of “feeling good.” They want to sing songs that make them feel good.  They want preachers who make them feel good, they want youth activities that make them feel good.

After all, during their 24/7 time they are swimming in a world of “feeling good.” The TV, dvds, iPods, advertisements,etc. are there to make them feel good.  One does not need to look somewhere for what I am talking about. Just walk in any youth meeting you will see what I am talking about.

If we as leaders are not careful, will find ourselves going with the tide of “emotions, feelings” as we do our youth ministry to accommodate this culture in which our youth are swimming into. In youth ministry we must introduce our youth to Jesus Christ and go beyond their feelings what they like. I am not suggesting feelings or emotions are bad. They have a place in the lives of youth but we got go beyond them. Spiritual decisions cannot be made on merely feelings. Feelings can change anytime.

The other day I read an article by Walt Mueller on this subject in which he offers ways we can teach our youth about God who in turn will shape and embrace their emotions:

  • Emphasize the authority of the Word.
  • Teach them about the dangerous practice of trusting their feelings.
  • Make sure they know following Jesus doesn’t always feel good.

Walt Mueller, Youth Worker Journal
Nov/Dec 2008, page 16, 17.

May God bless each one of us as we continue to minister to our youth during this year of 2009 and always to remember to challenge them to live beyond what they like, but embrace a God who never changes no matter what.

Enjoy the challenges of 2009!

Feelings should never eclipse truth.
Truth always should direct our
understanding of our feelings.
The only trustworthy feelings are
those grounded in the [Word of God].

Walt Mueller

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